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Structure of the programme


The organisational and legal constraints faced by firms engaging in international business can have a profound effect on performance. The combined effects of organisational change and the impact of diverse legal measures are difficult to evaluate, especially when considered with regard to operational decisions. Increasingly, firms are aware that business administration must be integrated with a sound legal analysis and a carefully designed management structure.

The Autumn School "Management with EU Law and Sustainable Energy" aims to provide participants with the instruments and skills for identifying, planning and implementing business strategies that minimise adverse consequences and increase the positive effects of legal measures.

The course is designed to appeal to young graduates and professionals from all over the world, who are interested in taking advantage of the opportunities within the European institutional framework or who are dealing with the demands of European business.

The training approach is comprised of an introductory two-week on-line distance learning (ODL) and a three-week face-to-face part, which includes: lectures, practical cases, seminars and workshops.

The Autumn School includes executive seminars conducted in the theme of "Management of innovation" and "Sustainable Energy". The seminars address the changing nature of business when intangible assets are incorporated in products and services. Progressively, business management must adapt to actively control and optimise the value of intangible assets. In light of the highly specialized content of this programme, the course engages in active cooperation with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, with special focus on the involvement of innovative enterprises. Full time attendance is required for the duration of the course. Lectures and training activities are held from 9.30am to 5pm.

Syllabus Outline

The Autumn School Course consists of five areas of study:

  1. Law and Business: issues and approach
  2. Business administration and corporate finance
  3. European law between EU and national level
  4. European innovation and firm performance
  5. EU energy policy: sustainability, competitiveness, security and flexibility

As far as the above mentioned areas of study are concerned, detailed topics will be considered under several aspects.

In particular the Autumn School will focus on:

"Leading to successful innovation: a development programme"
"Project development for sustainable energy"

These workshops will assist participants in the acquisition of a skill set for successful operation in their working environment.

The first workshop will be an exercise in innovation in the form of a role play. Participants will meet with leading companies and will be given the task of planning, innovating and evaluating an innovation strategy as business managers.

The second workshop revolves around the drafting of a project on sustainable energy. Participants will undertake specific training in legal, economic and technological aspects of sustainable energy and will be guided in the assessment of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to be evaluated.

Training credits

The University of Turin will award University Training Credits (Crediti Formativi Universitari - CFU) to students from "Studi Internazionali" (International Studies - Faculty of Political Science) and to students from the Law Department (for "Other Activities" or "English Language").

The Turin Bar Association (Ordine degli Avvocati di Torino) will grant training credits to members who have completed the Autumn School.