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Collegio Carlo Alberto

The programme aims at improving core skills for career development within European companies as well as entrepreneurship in the European Union. The increasing impact of EU law on business activities and the multi-faceted dimension of the EU single market require a combined expertise in business and law.

The programme was launched as a post-graduate training course in 2005 by the University Institute of European Studies and the Centre for Studies on Federalism, and has been supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo.

The 2012 edition "Management with EU Law and Sustainable Energyā€¯ has evolved into a three-week Autumn School programme, which will provide an intensive course on the role law has to play in resolving business issues with a special focus on Sustainable Energy. The 2012 Autumn School is organised in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Turin and the Turin Chamber of Commerce, under the auspices of the European Policy Centre and the European Training Foundation.

The Autumn School 2012 is designed for young graduates and professionals all over the world, and it combines academic teaching with a problem solving approach.

The course is comprised of an introductory two-week on-line distance learning (ODL) and a three-week face-to-face part, including executive seminars and workshops.

For the duration of the Course participants will receive detailed documentation, learning materials, reading references and comprehension assessment.